Full House Appliance Repair buyer’s guide
At Full House Appliance Repair, we believe that your trust is our most valuable asset. With that in mind, there are times where it simply isn’t cost-effective to fix your machine, and it would be better to replace it. In those cases, we aim to be who you turn to for advice.
Where should I shop?
Shop at a place that only sells appliances.
How should I know what brands to buy?
Look at which company owns those brands, and how products from their other brands perform.
What questions should I ask when I am at the store?
  • How many repairmen in the area can service the product?
  • How expensive is it to repair the machine?
  • How available are parts for repairs?
  • How is the manufacturer’s customer service?
  • How long does it take to repair the machine?
What are the best brands to buy?
What makes up the “best” appliance is subjective of course, but if I were to pick, here is my ranked list of appliance brands:
  • Whirlpool, including their other brands: Kithcen Aid, Maytag, Amana, Jenn Air
  • Elextrolux, including Firgidaire, Westinghouse, Tapan
  • GE, however, the parts for their machines are usually more expensive
  • High-end European brands (such as Bosch) make good products, but repairing them is expensive because it requires additional expertise
  • LG, but their parts are hard to find and technicians might not work on the machine due to the hassle
  • Samsung, but their parts are also harder to find
Keep it simple
Ask yourself – how many features will I actually use regularly? Don’t pay for more features than you will use – they complicate repairs and are costly to maintain.
Buy the extended service plan
They typically cover both parts and labor, and usually cover five years worth of ownership.
One last thing to remember...
Your guests come to your house to see you, not your appliances! It’s not all about how good they look, it’s about how well your appliances serve your needs.